A great “Girl’s Night Out” or date night for anyone who is a mom, has a mom, or is married to a mom.
Have you ever gone un-showered for days, fought with your husband over who works harder
or had a kid pee on you? Dena Blizzard’s hilarious new show One Funny Mother
will make you realize you’re not crazy…motherhood is!
New York Times

The day before beginning previews of her new Off Broadway show, “One Funny Mother,” Dena Blizzard was taking cold medicine and tending to her 11-year-old daughter, who had recently received nine stitches in her…(read more)

Philadelphia Inquirer /

Dena Blizzard is arguably one funny mother. The Moorestown woman’s Off-Broadway comedy show is a collection of wifedom wisdom and motherhood humor. Her “Chardonnay Go” video – where she … (read more)

Huffington Post

It’s been a while since Roseanne Barr flaunted her domestic-goddess self before the public. Therefore, room should exist for Dena Blizzard, as Miss New Jersey of 1995, no less, who’s now cracking wise about… (read more)

NY Theater Guide

I knew I was probably in for a hilarious evening after my cab driver decided to sing his epic rap-beat poetry discourse on the human condition to me (loudly) as he tore down 9th Avenue to get me to New World Stages on time to see One Funny Mother. I was still…(read more)

The Reviews Hub

Carpools, laundry, school, soccer, poop, dinner, laundry, toys, baths, laundry. Being a parent is hard, and finding time to talk and laugh about it is rare. At New World Stages, Dena Blizzard takes audiences on a cathartic journey through parenthood. This show is by adults and for adults, and based on the reactions of the audience, that is greatly appreciated by…(read more)

Motherhood Later

The title of Dena Blizzard’s new one woman Off Broadway show should be One HYSTERICAL Mother. Blizzard, a stand up comedian and 40 something New Jersey married mom of three, lets it all hang out, and…(read more)